Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Venezuelan Reality Show - Part IV - Colectivos

Venezuelan regime thugs. The pro-communist government has been preparing armed militia groups, trained in different terrorist countries, as Cuba. Here, you can see Nicolás Maduro, (Chavez's legacy), showing off different kinds of weapons to be distributed to the so called "colectivos", which are militant grassroots groups.

 Shamelessly they act in public as policemen, arresting people.
 Thugs like to ride their motorcycles doing all kinds of abuse and showing off guns.
 A good example of the kind of followers of the Venezuelan Communist regime.
 Children brainwash. In 2012 the colectivo, "La Piedrita", posed children apparently clutching assault rifles and copies of Venezuela's constitution for a photo in front of a mural that depicted Jesus and the Virgin Mary armed with AK-47s
 Another colectivo shameless showing off automatic weapons on the street.
 This is the real action: shooting protesters in the street. They don't care if somebody is watching. They just do it with impunity, protected by the regime.
 Another street show to cause terror in people.
 Colectivo "La Piedrita" (The little stone).
 Juan Barreto, an official of Chavez's government, he is head of colectivos.
 A NG points firearm at head of unarmed student.
 National Guard carries colectivos from one location to another. They use to "infiltrate protesters with head-covered GN, but students take pictures of them and don't fall for that trick anymore.
Colectivos shooting to protesters.
 Another armed colectivo in a formal presentation seeking to inflict terror on people.
 The Moto-Taxis are used to spy on the opposition and transporting armed groups disguised as civilians.
The brazenness of the groups is such that they act as the National Guard, stopping cars and asking for documents. 
 Moto Taxis showing off
 Colectivo with balaclava masks shooting at students in the streets.
 Old school fanatics showing off wooden weapons
 New recruits performing in the street
Brain wash. Young students are taken after school to gun practice in the top roof in barrio 23 de Enero.
 A infiltrated is captured by students. They revealed his identity: government militia.
Not so young fanatics practicing with their new weapons.
 Colectivos beating a student on the street.
 Moto-Taxis street pratice. With weapons.
 Armed Colectivos infiltrated the UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL DE VENEZUELA.
 Colectivos shooting at unarmed civilians.
 Moto-Taxi transporting a armed colectivo, gun in hand.
 Certain colectivo groups, like to dress the military camouflage uniforms.
 Colectivo Alberto Carías (AKA El Chino), showing off a automatic AK-47 war weapon.
Old school fanatics showing off wooden weapons and girl-friends.
 Colectivos attacking civilians.
 Colectivo shooting at camera man.
Colectivo shooting at camera man.
  Colectivo shoots civilians at broad day light in Plaza Altamira.
 More colectivos getting ready to attack unarmed students an civilians.